To move or not to move?

We–my husband, daughter and I–live in a mobile home.  It’s about four hundred square feet.  Two beds and a bath.  It’s served us well for seventeen years, but like anything that’s forty-five years old, it’s starting to show its age.  The ceiling is starting to sag.  We’re barging in on each other in the bathroom.  Our daughter’s bedroom is getting so crowded with clothes and stuff she has to go outside to change her mind.  Let’s face it, we need a new place.  So a couple of months ago, I started looking on line for homes. 

Turns out, the lot we have will fit a 14×60 house.  That’s about eight hundred square feet, but I don’t think that’s enough room for us.  So I looked at double-wide homes; three bed, two bath.  Found some nice ones, except they won’t fit in our neighborhood.  So that means one thing:  moving. 

Fortunately there are two mobile home neighborhoods in our daughter’s school district.  I talked to the manager of one today, everything sounded good:  cable is included in the rent.  We can put up a fence if we want to.  She wanted to know about us; I told her there’s three of us, a cranky cat and a dog named Doofus. 

I should have seen it coming.  She wanted to know how big the dog was.  I stood up and gestured to my knee.  About that big, I told her.  By the way, I said all happy and casual, I foster for the Humane Society.  Dogs.  That’s when she said it. 

No pit bulls of any kind.  Not even puppies.  Also, no German Shepherds or Rotties. 

I know some insurance companies don’t like pitties, but not even a puppy?  The most dangerous thing on a pitty pup is his piddle!  I bit my tongue and politely asked why.  Because, she said, the neighbors don’t like it. 


She starts telling me stories about “so and so got bit and somebody overreacted and the owner underreacted, so it’s better not to have them.”  If that’s the way they feel, they shouldn’t have dogs at all.  Seriously.  I could understand insurance companies being prejudiced and fearful, but…Maybe I live in a saner neighborhood. 

So my problem is this:  should we get a 14×60 and stay put?  Or should we turn a blind eye to stupidity and breed specific targeting just to get a bigger place?  My parents raised me better than that; I just answered my own question.

People make me tired. 



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