What I Did On Vacation

My husband was on vacation last week.  Here’s a recap of what we did.  

Nothing.  What I mean is we didn’t go anywhere.  He’s a truck driver, he’s on the go five days out of seven; why would he want to go anywhere?  We didn’t even visit relatives on the weekend.  

We stayed home.  Binge-watched our new favorite show on Netflix, “Sherlock.”  Looked up videos on You Tube.  Took naps.  

Actually we did go places a few times.  The store (I spend less money when he’s not with me).  Lunch out at Panera; nice to have something on a plate with real silverware.  We had dinner out with some friends one night; good barbeque.  Went to the library once; he could spend all day in there.

I’ve heard people say–and I’ve said it too–that they need a vacation to get over being on vacation.  In this case, it was sweet to do nothing.  


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