She drives me crazy

I love my daughter, but she drives me crazy.

Six weeks ago her class was given a fourth-quarter science project.  She had all that time to do it.  Did she?  She’s twelve, what do you think happened?  Of course she put it off.  And put it off.  Until the last minute she put it off.  Then a small miracle happened; the teacher gave her another week to get it done.

Reprieved!  Or so I thought.

All last week she’d say “I’m in the zone.”  I was happy that she was doing her homework.  Then last night happened.  She admitted in a small voice (and trying to hide under the table) that she wasn’t as far along as she had told me.

She lied.

If revenge is a dish best served cold, then punishment should be served at cellar temperatures.  She told me this last night.  It’s now eight in the morning and I’m finally calming down enough to discuss punishment with her.

She said “I already punished myself,”  as if no further action was necessary, “I hit myself in the head with a book ten times.  Hardcover!”  I don’t care if it was a hundred times with a full set of encyclopedias.  She’s still getting punished.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

–Starting today she’s grounded from the computer for two weeks.  (If my husband pushes for a month, I won’t argue.)  The only time she uses a computer is at school.

–After two weeks–or a month, whatever–only one hour of computer per night.

–From now until the end of school, homework will be done in the kitchen so I can supervise.

Most important:  she’s going to take whatever the teacher gives her.  A failing grade, Saturday school or re-taking science in summer; so be it.  She’s going to learn that procrastination and refusing to do your work  has a cost.

This is why adults have high blood pressure.


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