Mama said there’d be days like this.

I’m on my period.  Since I’m a female of child-bearing age, that’s not a shock.  But I don’t remember it being this bad when I was younger.  Last night I felt like my head was being pried open.  Today I feel like an overripe tomato.  I’ve eaten either soup or high-fiber cereal today.  

That’s peri menopause for you.  Every month from now until I run dry will be an adventure.  

Take last month for example:  the smell of Tyson chicken nuggets and patties make me run from the room.  

And this month: thanks to a lack of hormones my gums are receding, exposing nerves.  The first time I tried to eat ice cream I felt like somebody shoved a fork between my teeth.  Fortunately Sensodyne makes something for that.  And I don’t need to eat that much ice cream anyway.

For the last few months I’ve experienced hot flashes.  It’s like being thrown onto a BBQ pit.  And pulled off, and thrown on again.  You get the picture.  Not pleasant.  

Emotionally speaking, the other day was the worst.  After a tense couple of days dealing with our daughter, my nerves couldn’t take it anymore.  Hormones overpowered the Prozac in my system and I bawled openly.  It’s been two years since I’ve cried.  

What can I do?  At most, be patient with myself.  Don’t eat if I’m not hungry.  Don’t buy Tyson chicken products anymore.  Stay away from salty foods to combat the bloated feeling.  Snuggle when I need it.  Same for naps.  Keep track of the periods.  

That’s life.  




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