My husband and I need to buy a new home.  This one has served us well for seventeen years, but mobile homes aren’t meant to last forever.  (Actually nothing lasts forever, but that’s another article.)  The ceiling is sagging.  The floors feel soft.  The crank windows leak. So we’d like to get a new place.  Move in after school lets out.  Spend the fourth of July in central air conditioning.  

A couple of things stand in our way:  credit cards.  One is nearly $2900 and the other wobbles around $600.  Paying interest on things we bought years ago.  Not good.  So we would like to get rid of them.  And get a new house.  Is it possible?  

We think it is.  Here’s how:  Pay off the credit cards.  So far we’re doing a pretty good job of it.  About sixteen hundred went to the big credit card.  We pay a varying amount every week to both.  This week it was thirty toward each. Last week it was twenty.  Next week it might hopefully be more.  Wish us luck.  By the time the next tax refund comes in, we might have whittled the credit cards to nothing, or least have made a significant dent in them.  (I’m hoping for total obliteration myself.  Seriously, I want them GONE.)  

What I also want GONE is the feeling that we’re not being financially responsible.  I’m sure I’m not the only one.  Just the other day I saw an article stating that the Middle Class is dying out because of poor financial decisions.  They’re right.  If we made better decisions; being patient for what we want, saving for what we want, maybe we wouldn’t be in this money mess.  

Another thing we’ve decided:  the house payment shouldn’t be twice or three times the car payment.  Seriously, it’s only three of us, why have a home big as a small hotel?  (If we had a bigger house payment, it had better have acreage attached to it.  Again, another article.)  

We just need to be smarter about money. 


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