Depression and Facebook

I have depression.  I also have a Facebook account.  I’d like to publish items about my depression on Facebook so maybe my words can help someone else who is being attacked by the Black Dog.

But I’m afraid to.  Why?  Because potential employers track people down on Facebook.  I’m afraid that if I post something about my depression a potential employer might not want to hire me.

I respect a company’s right to do background checks on applicants.  If you’re a bank manager you need to know if the potential new hire has robbed a bank in the past.  Seems logical to me.  What they don’t have the right to do is weed people out–or treat people like weeds–for having something beyond their control.

Depression isn’t my choice.  I didn’t wake up one morning and choose to have an emotionally and physically paralyzing problem.  If it were my choice, I’d choose to put the Black Dog down.

Depression isn’t all of me.  Employers need to remember that too.


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