Thanks for…

Good days.  Like the one that happened today.  A cloud tried to cover me today, but I wouldn’t let it.  I said “Today depression is not going to win.”

And it didn’t.  I took a shower before nine (also before my third cup of coffee, shocker!)  I washed a pile of dishes left over from last night.  I put new sheets on the bed and hung up at least two loads of laundry.  I even washed my bras by hand.

I felt lighter.  That’s how it feels to beat back depression.  I physically become lighter.  Not like I’ve lost twenty pounds, that won’t happen without a lot of work.  More like my bones don’t feel so heavy.  I’m not pushed down.

The cloud is still on the horizon.  I think it’ll always be there.

But I’ll have good days too.


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