What a day…and I’m not tired

 I am on four or five different prescriptions for various conditions (hypothyroid, birth control, depression) and I screwed up this morning.  I took a pill without looking at the label first.  I wasn’t awake when I opened the bottle.  Wasn’t fully conscious when I popped the pill in my mouth, but I was sure as hell awake when I read the bottle and realized I’d taken my daughters’ ADD medicine.  

After debating whose doctor I should call, the pediatrician or my GP, I spoke with my doctor on call.  He asked if I was a heart patient and what other meds I’m taking.  He was probably thinking “Not another one.”  I answered “No, I’m not and I’m taking this, that and the other thing.”  I was ready to send my husband to the store for Epicac.  

That was around seven this morning.  It’s almost eleven thirty and I’m not tired.  My sister told me once that sometimes parents take their kids’ ADD medicine because it acts like cocaine if you don’t have ADD.  I wouldn’t know what that’s like.  I don’t know if it’s even true.  Right now I feel like I’ve drunk a whole pot of my parents’ mid-watch coffee.  You know, the coffee that is so strong it stands on its own?  Humming, good for another couple of hours.  No Buddy Rich solo in my chest yet.  I do know I couldn’t nap today, even though I wanted to.  Nope, just laid there.

If today teaches me anything, it’s to read the labels.  


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