Kid + Google Play = Financial problems

I balanced the checkbook this morning and found two purchases for Google Play at two bucks a pop.  The kid has already been told that she has to ask to make a purchase.  That conversation went in one of her ears and out the other without stopping.

When she gets home she’s going to pay.  In more ways than one.  First, she’s going to shake loose four bucks from her piggy bank.  She tried throwing a fit the first time she was caught; I told her “the bill was run up, now the bill is due.  Pay the bill.”  Second–and I expect to see a mushroom cloud over the house when she hears it–she’s going to lose her phone for a few days.

Will she like it?  No.  She’s a teenager and doesn’t like anything; not me or rules or the weather.  Will she learn from it?  I truly hope so.  But what lesson she takes away is up to her.  She may think “if I do this, I’ll make Mom mad.”  Not the lesson I want her to learn; actually I think she says that to make me feel guilty.  Yeah, good luck with that.


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