Picking favorites

My husband and I live two hours away from our nearest relative.  If you’ve ever met them, you know why.  (Raise your hand if you have them in your family.)  Their constant whining that life isn’t going their way.  Complaining about “deadbeat” siblings and then going to Mom and Dad for a loan.  Acting as if their arm is being cut off if they’re asked to lift a finger to help.

A couple of years ago we met a group of people who became our friends.  We met their friends and their friends’ friends and now we’re all friends.  Isn’t that sweet?  But now I have a question:  Do we see them as “better people” because they haven’t driven us to banging on their doors for a “come to Jesus meeting?”  Do we like them better because they’re new and shiny and haven’t caused us to tear our hair out?

What will happen on the day they do?  Will we be willing, ready and able to sever ties?  Or will we reach out because we have less history with them?

Shouldn’t we do the same with our relatives?


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