House buying bug

We need a new house.  Like “the kitchen ceiling is in danger of falling in if anything heavy falls on it.”  The first time I heard a fat cat on the roof, I sprouted a new gray hair.  Also, there’s a hole in the hall floor.  (Two of the reasons I don’t want company over.)  So we’re looking for a new place.  Nothing big or fancy, just four walls and a roof.  And a basement.  And as few pesky covenants as possible.  Seriously, is it anybody’s business but my own if I want to construct a glass tree in the yard made entirely of Jim Bean bottles?  I don’t think so.

So why is house buying so complicated?  Not only do they want money down (we have to borrow from my parents) but we have to pay “points.”  What the heck are points?!  In this game it sounds like points are something somebody else makes because I lose.

I feel like the money-loving part of my brain has been put through a meat grinder.

This is how I see it:  you (seller) have a house to unload because it’s been on the market for almost a year because the original asking price was too high.  I have money and need a place to live.  Let’s make this as easy as possible; I hand over cash and you give me the deed.

Nuff said.


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