About me…in case you were wondering

Random facts about me:

I’m forty-five and five foot three inches. I need more coffee (Fair Trade only, please) with cream and sugar. After three or four cups, or perhaps the whole pot, I’ll have breakfast. I’m married with one child. Obviously I’m a Mom. I’ve been a stay-at-home Mom for twelve years and have no intention of going back into the workforce; my husband is a truck driver and I feel it’s important to be home for our kid.

I’ve only sang Karaoke once.

I have a A.A. in Theater and was working on a Bachelors’ degree when I got pregnant. Not sure if I want to return.

I deeply loathe wildlife in my house. That includes ants, spiders, mice, snakes and relatives. But birds are okay.

We live in a mobile home that’s as old as I am; we’d like to save up for a new place once we get rid of the credit card. Until then, hope keeps the ceiling up.

I’ve struggled with depression for a long, long time. Finally started treatment; I keep a daily journal and take Prozac. I’m more peaceful than I’ve ever been.

I’m frugal. I like money.

Weekends are my favorite time of the week; I get to sleep in.

My least favorite vegetables are eggplant and sprouts.

I’m trying to live simply. I don’t own a television. Movies are a once or twice a year treat. I like Italian and Mexican foods. But not tripe.

I love to write and am getting past writers’ block. I try to post every day. An instructor once compared my writing to John Cheever.

That’s all folks! Enjoy!


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